Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here is a wedding at the alumni house that shows a sheer eggplant runner for the tables and sashes for the chairs. Alumni has a beautiful garden area for ceremonies and repections.

Okay, here it is! The first wedding with chair covers that I ever did! Katie and her mom helped me start my collection of chair covers and sashes. We used yellow, lime, tangerine, and fucshia! I have fond memories of that wedding. I didn't get to work with Katie but her mom put a lot of time and effort to make that day perfect for her daughter. She even had a 'wedding corner' at her house so she could lay things out a decide what would look best on the table. You could tell she was excited and proud of Katie. What a beginning!

This wedding I did about a year and a half ago but I loved it. I think I end up loving all of them. Anyway, one of my most favorite colors, periwinkle blue, (that was the color of my prom dress at South Summit High School!!) was the color of the satin sashes on the chair covers. What I really liked were the cones they brides mother made out of wallpaper and filled with flowers. They hung on the entrance and the windows of the doors at the Alumni House. Louise filled her collection of tea cups with the flowers which was a great added touch!

Here is a Wedding at the Alumni House. We used white chair covers with a silver satin sash and a platinum pintuck runner. The bride used a pink plate and her centerpieces were cheesecakes they used for dessert. Very unique and turned out very pretty.

This was a wedding in Providence. Here is a photo of the brown arch and gates that I rent for a simple backdrop area. I also love to use the high boy tables with the sash. They also rented the white resin folding chairs with a fucshia satin sash and hung chinese lanterns on shepard hooks around the eating area. Very Cute!!

This is Nikki's wedding at the Old rock Church. It was a fun one with orange, fucshia, and lime sheer sashes. Andi did the flowers and again they were great! I loved her cake! It matched the buttons down the back of her dress.

This was a wedding last spring that turned out really pretty. We used a pink and chocolate damask overlay with a chocolate linen underneath. The sash is a satin primrose. It's a medium pink that matched perfectly. We took a pink gerbera daisy and put it in the knot of the sash. Again, the Riter Mansion looks great!!

Chair covers at the USU Alumni house. We used Ivory banquet chair covers with alternating chocolate sheer and satin sashes. We also used a burnt orange runner around the centerpiece on the table.

Here is another wedding at the Riter Mansion. We used an ivory base with a chocolate pintuck overlay.

This was at the Alumni House. They rented my natural Chiavair Chairs and used a periwinkle satin sash. We tied them down low on the backs of the chairs. It fit the theme of the french country wedding they wanted. They used hydrangias for centerpieces on the floor length white linens and brought it amazing umbrellas that I loved!

This is one of my favorite weddings! It was beautiful. It was at the Riter Mansion, Andi Saxton did the flowers and decorating. We used floor length chocolate pintuck linens and custom avacado green sashes. I loved it!!!

Black and White at the Riter Mansion

Here is a recent wedding at the Riter Mansion. Every wedding at the Riter Mansion is beautiful! We used a black and white damask overlay and sheer white sashes for the chairs.

Friday, September 26, 2008

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